The state of shock


May 1st or Labour Day, 1986, Ljubljana. Metalworker Peter Zmazek is awarded the “Worker of the Year” title at the Udarnik (Shock-Worker) factory and in addition to that - an apartment from the social housing fund. He is so overwhelmed that he falls into a state of shock and remains in a daze; nobody can help him wake up. Peter ends up in a psychiatric institution, dreaming his dream of communist paradise for ten full years. In the meantime, the state, the political (communist) system and his family fall apart. Peter wakes up the very moment when his former wife Marica marries his best friend Jovo. When Peter shows up at the wedding party, a bitter-sweet comedy of confusions begins. The protagonist confronts a completely different world dominated by modern technologies, suspicious businessmen and newborn politicians. The State of Shock is a bitter comedy about family, friendship, lost ideals and about the power of an individual to beat the system.

With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe

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