Jelena Mitrovic
Cinematographer , Producer , Actor-Actress



A graduate in Film and TV Production from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Jelena Mitrovic made her debut as a producer with Srdan Golubovic's The Trap (2007) which premiered in the Berlinale's Forum in 2007. The film won more than 20 international festival awards and was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2008. She received the Discovery Award at the 2007 FilmFestival Cottbus for her achievement in the field of production on The Trap. Jelena has since produced Mladen Djordjevic's The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2009) , Srdjan Karanovic's BESA and Srdjan Koljevic's soon-to-be-released The Woman with a Broken Nose (2010). She also served as a co-producer on Antonio Nuic's Donkey (2009) and Damjan Kozole's SLOVENIAN GIRL. A professor of Film Production at the Faculty of Art and Design in Belgrade's Megatrend University, Jelena will be participating in Cannes Film Festival's Atelier this year with the new project Circles (2013) being developed with director Srdan Golubovic.


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