Official name: Montenegro


GDP in Euro per capita$11,800

Capital: Podgorica

Currency: Euro

Time zone: CET (UTC+1)

Calling code: +382




Ministry of Culture of Montenegro defined domestic cinematography as special strategic interest and one of priorities in development of Montenegrin culture. In that context, Ministry is working on creating sustainable model for this sector by developing sector’s legislation, furthering existing institutional framework and integrating Montenegrin cinematography in European programs. Between the last and this year’s festival presentation, thanks to the profound support of the Ministry of Culture, Montenegro was enriched with two feature films and some shorts and documentaries. We also participated in four regional projects as co-producers. During 2012 Montenegro became member of two organizations: European Audiovisual Observatory and European Film Promotion and that opened the new horizons towards cooperation and strengthening the ties with European audiovisual sector.




Artikulacija Production is the first independent production company in Montenegro, founded in 2001. Since the beginning, it has been dedicated to innovative audiovisual production, international cooperation and implementation of high professional standards within Montenegrin audiovisual industry. Most of the activities of Artikulacija Production are directed towards collaboration with international partners. In that sense, Artikulacija has developed the network of regular collaborators - production companies from region, established through co-productions and production services, with tendency of expanding the network in the future. Artikulacija Production consists of three main departments: Film Production, Full production service and Locations scouting, Events and Promotions.

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Fact box Montenegro
Country Name: Montenegro
GDP: $7.340 billion
Admissions: 219.910
Addmissions per capita:
Number of screens: 18
Digital Screens: 6
Average ticket price: € 3,00
Feature film production: 6
Annual state support: € 760.820

With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe