Lazar and his brother-in-law Toni are involved in smuggling illegal aliens across the border with Greece. They both entered this shady business because of their desperate economic situation. Toni lost his job, due to the collapse of the economy and the recession, and since he has a family to take care of, he had transgressed into a life of crime. Lazar, who grew up in an oppressive household, and who is in a constant conflict with his father, is also driven to crime, especially because he sees an opportunity of making fast money and leaving his miserable life at home behind. When an accident happens, and one of the aliens they smuggle starts drowning in the river they cross, Toni and Lazar have to choose to save a life of someone unknown and go to jail, or to leave him to die. They both react differently and confront each other. In the end however, afraid for his own safety, and the future of his son, Toni kills the illegal alien. After this incident both Toni and Lazar suffer a tremendous guilt, and the conflict between them increases. The secret they share threatens to destroy them psychologically, or to destroy the whole family if it comes out, since the smuggling network is very powerful and involves corruption on many levels including the police.

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