War Live


Belgrade, 1999. Producer Sergei and his film crew are in a disastrous situation - the film they're making is under threat - there's no money, the crew are dissatisfied - and NATO bombing is just around the corner. Then a member of the State Security Service (Mileta) comes looking for American co-producer Harvey. Anxious and worried, in the midst of the bombing that's begun, Sergei hides Harvey from what he thinks is awaiting him - arrest. During the night, he thinks up a plan. He announces the start of filming on a new, patriotic film - in which the main role will be played by Harvey. The plan works - the State supports the film and Mileta, as the State's representative, joins the crew. However, the underlying conflict between Mileta and Sergei explodes during the first screening. Mileta accuses them of being artists, and not being patriots. Sergey begins to realize that he's endangered not only the film but the lives of the whole crew. A tragic death provokes a real revolt amongst the crew - some refuse to carry on filming. Mileta, embittered by their 'unpatriotic' stance arrests the protagonists and forces them to continue. Sergei, whose wife and child have now left, and who is accused of collaborating with Mileta by the rest of the crew, thinks up another plan...

War Live
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Rat uzivo
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English , Serbian
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With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe

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