Labina Mitevska
Cinematographer , Producer , Actor-Actress



She started her acting career as a teenager in 1993, playing Zamira in Milcho Mancevski's Golden Lion award winning Before the Rain. In the years that followed that she resumed her studies. In 1996 she entered into a successful collaboration with Michael Winterbottom. Following Welcome to Sarajevo they worked together in I Want You. For these accomplishments she was chosen as one of the Shooting Stars at the Berlinale in 1998. Her acting carrier continued around Europe, as she has filmed in Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. In 2001, Labina, her sister Teona and their brother Vuk she established the production company Sisters and Brother Mitevski. Apart from finishing the production of The Women Who Brushed off Her Tears, their company just finished the short stop animation movie Alerik, animated and directed by Vuk. All their films are European co-productions involving partners from Slovenia, France, Belgium, and Germany. In 2007, Labina played the extraordinary complex role of Afrodita in I Am from Titov Veles, a performance that brought her a number of awards. In their last film The Woman Who Brushed off Her Tears she is playing one of the main roles together with Victoria Abril.


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