Silvije Petranovic
Director , Scriptwriter , Producer



SILVIJE PETRANOVIC, born in 1959, Croatia. Graduated film and TV direction from the Academy for Theater, Film and TV in Zagreb. His film debut was Tv Film Nobody will laugh / Nitko se nece smijati (1985) which was his diploma work based on the novel of Milan Kundera. The Society of Jesus / Druzba isusova (2004) is his first feature film. Film had World Premiere at 7 Shanghai IFF. After that film was successfully screened at Sarajevo, Sao Paulo, Kolkata, Cairo ,Wine country, Mill valley and Pula International Film Festivals. Silvije Petranovic is a prominent documentarian, especially noted by his Croatian War documentaries (Exploits and Fates, After ,1992.), and he was also the producer of the documentary about the Dubrovnik naval blockade run (Dubrovnik Mon Amour, 1992). He was the author of documentaries on art (about the Jewish painters Rafael Talvi - The Island, 2000, Thoma - The Torments, 2001), and also on archeology as a world traveler (Lost Cities in Bible Lands, 2001) - the later was shot on locations in the Middle East. As Producer , in year 2002 he was with Maydi film & Video in official competition of 26 Montreal Film Festival, with feature Seraphim, the lighthouse keeper's son. Silvije Petranovic was also a video pioneer (experimental/video art : Sexa 1982 - SC Gallery) and the founder of the first independent cable TV network in Southwestern Europe: Dugave plus 1988-1989. Using his artistic pseudonym Bartch, he is also a prominent painter.


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