Dafne Jemersic
Editor , Director , Scriptwriter , Actor-Actress



Born 1965 in Zagreb, Croatia, Dafne Jemersic studied acting on ADU - Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia (1986-1990). In the following years, she worked with different directors in theater productions (Josko Juvancic - Svadba, Peter Vecek - Galeb, Petar Violic Opasne Veze, Hans Schabus - Mein Kampf, Leo Katunaric - Muke Svete Margarite, Rade Serbedzija - Hrvatski Slavuj) played in Croatian theaters (HNK - Croatian National Theatre, Gavella, &TD, Zar Ptica, Histrions). Dafne was also acting in several TV and film productions (Mjesec u djevici (1988), Diploma za smrt (1989), Mondo Bobo (1997). In 1993, Dafne start to study film editing on FAMU - Film Academy in Prague, CZ. She edited a number of student films, including: Cesta do kopce aneb Mala iluze (1995), Bolest (1995), Sberatel (1995), Sad (1996), Ruth (1996), Casa Nostra (1996), and she has written and directed two short student movies: Bravo (1994) and Hrdina dne (1995). Director Radim Spacek invited her to act in Young Men Discovering the World (1996). After studies in Prague, Dafne moved to Ljubljana, Slovenia. On AGRFT - Academy for Film and Television in Ljubljana, she edited several student films: Koromandija (1997), Vivere (1997), Rop stoletja (1998), Oglas (1998), Kaj bi se rad? (1999), Noc v hotelu (1999) - Finalist on Hollywood Film Festival, The Ultimate Guide for Bachelors (2000), Figurae Veneris (2000), Vrt (2000), Milagros (2000), Elektro-Orson (2003). As independent film editor, Dafne edited short and feature films: You're Free. Decide. (2000), Okno (2002), The Heart Is a Piece of Meat (dir. J. Cvitkovic 2003), Porno Film (dir. D. Kozole, 2000), Bread and Milk (dir. J. Cvitkovic, 2001 - Venice film festival - Award - Lion of the Future), Ode to the Poet (2001), Tiigra (2001), Ljubljana (dir. I. Sterk, 2001), Klescar (dir. M. Latin), What Are You Going to Do When You Get Out of Here? (dir. S. Podgorsek, 2005) In 2005, on Slovenian Film Festival, Dafne Jemersic won Vesna Award for Best Editing and in 2006 - Viktor, Award for best documentary - What Are You Going to Do When You Get Out of Here? She also directed and edited several TV shows (KLIK - weekly show with host Katarina Cas more then one Season and Adrenalin - 1 episode, both for TV station Kanal A; Eurosong 2003 - 16 short presentation films for RTV Slovenia). Dafne Jemersic is writer, director and editor of music videos: Anika Horvat: Ples v Mesecini (2005), Siddharta: Domine (2006), Phonomonics: Bring it On (2007), Siddharta: Male Roke (2007), Jan Plestenjak: Soba 102 (2007), Big Foot Mama: Vazn Da Zadane (2007), Phonomonics: Crazy Things (2008) In 2007, Dafne was working with most popular rock band in Slovenia - Siddharta who released their live album and DVD with a documentary called - Marathon. Dafne recorded, directed and edited 66 minutes long film about happening outside and inside the hall, both before the show and during six hours long concert. REALITY is the name of her first feature movie as writer, director and editor. This is comedy about socially lost people who are still trying to control each other instead of taking care of themselves. The destiny unites two homeless men in the S.O.S. canteen. A failed actor and lost poet begin telling each other the key events from their lives. After an extraordinary twist we become aware that the two men are popular and will participate in a film experiment on the Moon. The film is playing with idea what is real and what is the meaning of life. Reality (35mm, cinema-scope, 90min) is completed and will be released in 2008.


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