Bogdan Diklic



Bogdan Diklić is one of the leading actors from the former Yugoslavia, with an impressive résumé both on stage and on screen. His performances on film are an indispensable part of Yugoslav and later Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian cinema. He was born in 1953 in Bjelovar (now in central Croatia), where he first discovered his love of acting. In 1972 he enrolled in the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Just three years later he joined the Belgrade National Theatre, where he stayed until 1995, playing a number of notable roles. He went on to work at the Yugoslav National Theatre, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Theatre Kult and Zvezdara Theatre. In addition to his stage career, Diklić has also worked tirelessly in front of TV and film cameras, and has appeared in more than 130 films and TV series. Without question, his most successful and popular role was in the 1982 film The Marathon Family (Maratonci trče počasni krug), directed by Slobodan Šijan. Yet, memorable as it is, his portrayal of the youngest, most determined and craziest member of the Topalović clan has not overshadowed the rest of his film career, which includes a wide range of extremely popular and successful films such as National Class (Nacionalna klasa), Balkan Express, Collection Centre (Sabirni centar), The Jaws of Life (U raljama života), We Are Not Angels (Mi nismo anđeli), Powder Keg (Bure baruta), No Man’s Land (Ničija zemlja), Fuse (Gori vatra), Grbavica, Border Post (Karaula), Trap (Klopka), and 72 Days (72 dana). Diklić has received numerous awards for his acting achievements, one of the most recent being the award for Best Supporting Actor in the film 72 Days at the Pula Film Festival (2010). He is a true artist, without whom it would be hard to even imagine the film industry in the Balkans.


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