Slovenia gets its first film on Netflix

2017-07-13 10:34:26

Houston, We Have a Problem!, a mockumentary on an alleged Yugoslav space programme, will be the first Slovenian film to be listed at the streaming media and video-on-demand network Netflix. As of 20 July, the film by Ziga Virc will be available to almost 100 million Netflix subscribers in 25 languages. However, the film will not be available for Eastern Europe.

According to a press release issued by the Slovenian Film Centre, Slovenian and East European Netflix subscribers will not be able to access the film, as in these regions the film has been available on HBO GO exclusively since autumn 2016.

"We received the offer from Netflix less than 24 hours after our world premiere at the last year`s Tribeca Festival in New York. The excellent reviews in the US media as well as, of course, our American agent – a must if one wishes to conduct business in the United States – contributed decisively to this”, producer Bostjan Virc said in a statement.




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