Slovenia Announces Line-up of Films Set to Shoot in 2016

2016-04-06 02:11:17


The Slovenian Film Centre  has announced the line-up of domestic productions set to shoot in 2016.

Several projects which won funding in 2015 will start shooting in 2016 including "Let’s Join the Partisans"  / "Greva v Partizane"  by Metod Pevec,  "History of Love" / "Zgodovina ljubezni" by Sonja Prosenc, "Small Family"  / "Družinica" by Jan Cvitkovič, "He Must Be a Basketball Player!"  / "Košarkar naj bo!" by Boris Petkovic.

Photo: Sonja Prosenc

Debut features "Funeral Mass" / "Zadušnica" by Matjaz Ivanisin, "I Will Be a Looser No More" / "Ne bom več luzerka" by Urša Menart and also the documentary "Victoria" / "Viktorija" by Nina Blažin are also announced to start shooting in 2016.

Most of the films which started shooting in 2014 will also be finished in 2016 including Vlado Škafar’s "Mother", Ziga Virc ’s "Huston, We Have a Problem", Slobodan Maksimović’s "Nika", Damjan Kozole`s "Nightlife", Igor Sterk`s "Come Along" and Marko Sosič’s "A Comedy of Tears".

Slovenian Film Center recently closed tenders for the production of feature films and documentaries as well as for debut features` production grants for 2015, and the grants contest for debut features` production grants and script development grants for feature films, documentaries and animated films will open in May 2016.

The share of European films shown in Slovenian cinemas, including the domestic ones, rose from 10% in 2005 to more than 25% in 2015.

Source: FilmNewEurope

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