The action takes place in one day, on the street and in the fancy part of the town. It is a hot day in August. There is a truck parked with watermelons for sale. A father and his son, both farmers, are selling the watermelons. The son, 15-year-old Dime, glares at a girl who lives here, the 14-year-old Eli. They grow to like each other, exchange shy glances, their first meeting is puzzling. The fluid creates a frail glow of first love ...BUT! The adults from both sides take part in that naïve and innocent game. Eli’s father buys a watermelon from Dime’s father, but then returns complaining that it is unripe! Actually, he initiates a reason for a fight, a reason to push out the unwelcome sellers. He was triggered by the adder’s tongue of his second wife, Eli’s stepmother. Eli and Dime’s sensitive souls are hurt by the wild street fight. Their GLOW, still not enkindled, has been cruelly put out by the fiercely opposing fathers, as representatives of two different social classes. The wealth of Igor, Eli’s father, is disgraceful. The social dissatisfaction of Bogdan, Dime’s father, explodes through another valve. The truck is leaving. Eli and Dime are separated and sad. Only one cracked watermelon and one rumpled 100 denars bill are left on the pavement. And… a cap cut off from another watermelon’s rind, in the shape of a heart, a gift from Dime to Eli, whose core is attacked by a swarm of wasps.

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