Motel Nana


Ivan teaches history to higher elementary classes in a Belgrade school. He is a bachelor, in love with ancient Sparta. With no friends, the only people he converses with are the math teacher, a fervent sports’ bettor, and a female lecturer in love with him and desirous of having his child. In his class that bears no similarities with the heroic ways of old Spartans, Ivan is provoked by a student and ends up slapping him on the face. In a Serbia in the heat of transitional changes, where sincere outpours of emotions are severely sanctioned, Ivan’s presence in school is no longer welcomed. The school board suspends him by decisive vote of the female teacher but, with the headmaster’s help, he finds a temporary job opportunity in a demolished, war-scarred mountain village in the Banja Luka region of Republika Srpska in Bosnia. On his way there, he meets Yasmina, a young woman with an obscure past, back from Germany to her homeland after being invited by an old friend – Hazim - who now runs a motel. Her name – Yasmina, which conceals her ethnic background, helped her pull through the war and survive the history that Ivan teaches in school.

With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe

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