Wait for me / The Witness


“Wait For Me” aka “The Witness” is a political thriller about an enthusiastic junior officer from The Hague War Tribunal in pursuit of justice. The arrest of General Miro Pantic ends a decade-long manhunt that had frustrated his Western pursuers and left festering one of the bloodiest chapters in Europe’s recent history. He had been indicted by a War Crimes Tribunal on charges of crimes against humanity, but when an envoy from The Hague (Padraic Delaney) comes looking for an internal witness – Nikola Radin, alas The General (Bruno Ganz) - the problems begin. Getting out of the wilderness is not easy as no one wants The General to testify against Pantic, whom they perceive as their national hero. The bloody men-hunt will give a life-changing lesson to the young envoy who will understand that there are many more shades to what he thought was a black and white picture.

Wait for me / The Witness
Original Title
Cekaj me / Svedok
Year of Production
Film Type
English , Serbo-Croatian
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With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe

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