Mesa Stis Thalassines Spilies


Alexia visits Mikis Theodorakis, composer of Zorba the Greek, at his home in Athens, overlooking the Acropolis. The two collaborated on Alexia's double album for BMG, for which Alexia is also the Producer called, 'Alexia-Mikis Theodorakis'. The composer greets Alexia, as she enters with one of their album songs: "Arnisi/sto periyiali to kryfo" the poetry by Nobel laureate George Seferis. The song is a duet with Alexia and the great Italian singer Milva. After the song is over, they both decide to listen to their own duet: Mesa stis Talassines spilies/ Inside the sea caves, also by George Seferis. Alexia begins to document with her video camera since the original recording of the song in 1998, was only documented in terms of sound, no visual recordings. The creation of this song in 1998, was an idea Alexia had; an improvisation on Theodorakis/Seferis song. Improvisation is one of Alexia's favorite genres. Everyone involved improvised: Alexia (the singer), Mikis (the composer/singer), Fergus Currie (piano) and Peter Massink (Soprano saxophone). Alexia's father, George Vassiliou had told her that both poems/songs were written by George Seferis at Cape Greco in Alexia's birthplace, Cyprus. After meeting with Mikis Theodorakis, Alexia visited Cape Greco.

Mesa Stis Thalassines Spilies
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Mesa Stis Thalassines Spilies
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