Going our way 2


Popular heroes from Going Our Way are reunited in a scout camp the following summer. This time, their neighbours are scouts from Styria, and their neighbours’ camp leader has almost identical character traits as their camp leader. For a start, the Marmots steal their flag… There seems to be no limits to the rivalry between the two scout camps, until the arrival of a female inspector, who is on a monitoring mission and needs to check if camps are run in accordance with some European guidelines. At night, the scouts perform a snoring concert for madam inspector. However, at a morning line up, three “Teddies”, the youngest scouts are missing. The scouts from Styria prove themselves as excellent pals. They help to hide from madam inspector the absence of those three juniors, and then the scouts from both camps organize a joint rescue expedition..

With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe

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