Laus is a documentary film based on real events and talk about Zarko Lausevic’s life. Zarko was a leading actor during former Yugoslavia and was the victim of a difficult time in the country. All of his trouble began with the play “Saint Sava” which took place in Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica. As the more audience seen the play, there was a greater pressure on Zarko, he was even threatened with death. The state gave him permission to carry weapons. After this event a great tragedy was happened in his life. Through narrative feature parts, colleagues and friends’ memories, using existing archival material and quoting certain parts of a book ,,Year passed, day never” written by the artist himself during his most difficult period of his life, we are presenting his fate. We are depicting the life of a charismatic actor with an extraordinary career, who was disappeared from the scene in the midst of his biggest success as a result of arrogance, a treacherous time of former Yugoslavia. The film deals with Lausevic’s work, line art, suffering and “resurrection“ as an artist. In this project we discover the cause of his disappearance from the scene. By that we mean the political turmoil and period of 90’s.

With the support of the Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe

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