In the fifties and sixties the theatre in Athens was dominated by the spectacular shows of the ACROPOLE musical theatre. Scenery and costumes mimicking Hollywood films, large orchestras, ballet, selftaught, working-class actors. The winter premiere of ACROPOLE was an event not οnly for the well-to-do inhabitants of the city, but also for the simple, working-class people who wanted to entertain themselves with the current politics of the day. Οn this very night of the premiere, Prince, the selfmade, theatrical producer who runs the ACROPOLE is forced to fire one of his leading actresses right before the opening number when he finds her dead drunk once too often. Ιn looking for a replacement, he decides to take a risk and hire one-time child prodigy of the popular cinema Lakis Loizos, who specializes in performing comic female roles. Lakis is taken aback at this unexpected proposal as he now spends his days at his casting agency renting out extras to the numerous films being made at the time. Despite a11 the bitterness he has piled up, he will dare to try his luck οn the stage of this famous theatre. The big hit will spark up much antagonism, petty grudges and open rivalries. Everyone awaits the final night of the winter season where the actors and technicians revive an Aristophanic tradition, the "Alalum", a night for the unexpected, the spontaneous and the insane. For Lakis, however, this will be a night in which he will settle his own accounts with his enemies, real and imaginary.

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